We are a software and business development studio based in Bath, started with the goal of developing technology products with global potential. We have recently moved to the UK, after being accepted into UKTI’s Global Entrepreneur Programme. Before that, we had been running one of the leading software companies in Turkey.

We have two pieces of intellectual property that we have brought from Turkey which, combined with a lean approach, help us to quickly build and test business ideas:
Ardita: Our software development framework
Accris: Our business development platform

From our GEP acceptance letter: “.. we have reviewed your progress to date, and following our initial technological and commercial evaluation, we are pleased to formally greenlight ModusNova as a unique disruptive technology of exceptional global potential, being led by a professional management team.”
The Story
Melodis: That’s where it all started, on March 1st, 1999, in Istanbul. A couple of days before that, Serbulent approached Yasemin with an idea: To build a music database. Five of our friends from the university music club also bought into the idea. We were all students or recent graduates. We had one computer between us.

We were based in Serbulent’s home, taking turns to use the computer when he was at work. We were young and the internet was something new and exciting. We started building things and meeting people. Opportunities started coming our way. Step by step we became a real company with products and clients, the most important ones being pharmaceutical companies using our ERP. Years passed and our company thrived, without ever getting outside funding.

Sometime around April 2015, 16 years after we started, we decided to try our hand in building a startup again. By then we were an established company, with more than 100 employees, developing ERP and custom software for large enterprises. And Melodis? Half-built, long forgotten, pushed aside when other business opportunities presented themselves.

In the meantime, we picked up some valuable skills and experience. Serbulent, an industrial engineer and our first developer, became a fully fledged CEO and the architect of the most important assests of ModusNova: Accris and Ardita.

And Yasemin, who started as a political science student tasked with data entry 16 years ago, ended up in business development after doing many things including software development. Towards the end of 2014, she started visiting the UK to do research, attend events and build contacts.

Since our intention was to do a startup and we were impressed with the lively startup ecosystem here, we decided to base our headquarters in the UK. Three months after our initial decision, we were accepted into Global Entrepreneur Programme and got our visa. The two of us packed our lives, experience and plans, and moved to the UK.
The Technology
Accris is our business development platform. History of it goes back 16 years, starting with an e-commerce platform we built: ToolBoxCC. Soon after, we developed a separate commercial application for the pharmaceutical industry: Accris. Later, we merged ToolBoxCC and Accris into a single body of software as our framework Ardita developed to support both web and windows platforms.

In time, it evolved into a complete ERP software, dominating the pharmaceutical market in Turkey with its elegant solutions to complex problems of the industry. After this success we expanded into other industries either by direct deployment or replicating the architectural design of Accris to develop bespoke software solutions.

As mobile and cloud platforms evolved, so did Accris. We defined a vision to make Accris a platform serving as the infrastructure of any kind of business. So now, Accris is still a powerful ERP as well as the invisible basis of many current and future products of ModusNova. We are starting with TidyGate and planning to proceed with a wide range of products, demonstrating the power of Accris and its modular design.
Although we would like it to be easier to read, we cannot talk about Ardita without getting technical. Ardita is our software development framework, and everything about Ardita is technical. It is developed for lazy, tidy and perfectionist developers to help them create amazing applications and focus on things that really matter, like architectural design and user experience.

Ardita is one of the oldest application development frameworks that exist, although not known widely because it was developed and consumed in-house. Its roots go back to ToolBoxCC, the e-commerce platform we built with asp scripts. Later, as we started developing Accris, the persistency layer appeared as a module within Accris.

As Accris evolved, we separated the persistency framework, added view services for Windows and imported tools from our old friend ToolBoxCC, migrated everything to .Net platform and named it Ardita. Since then Ardita served as a basis to most of our applications we developed in Turkey, Accris still being the lead consumer.

Recently, we made a huge upgrade in view layer implementing a “Theatre” analogy which introduced great ease and flexibility, supporting our ambitious user experience requirements, combining web and Windows interface developments in one place. It also opened many new gates. We now support other platforms like IOS & Android, and develop applications in other languages like Swift JavaScript & Java. The diversity of already supported database systems also extended to include documental ones.

Currently, we are working to take that cross-platform idea one step further. We want to make it totally open source and a common asset of tech community. Shortly, we will tell more both here and Ardita’s first web site.
TidyGate is the first outcome of our vision to develop businesses using our intellectual property Accris. For almost 9 years Accris had a wonderful collaboration module which we have been using to manage hundreds of projects and departments. Later we developed the mobile CheckMate app as a cloud based personal task manager. Now we are merging them with a totally new, elegant and disruptive approach.

TidyGate will be a family of applications, which all together provide you with a gate that connects you to others in a very tidy way, working in both directions. First of those applications will be “TidyGate Agenda” which will help you manage your most valuable asset, your time; in a way which nobody else did before.

“TidyGate Network” and “TidyGate Money” will then follow afterwards, to complete the basic management of your resources. Later, with the addition of other applications, TidyGate aims to become the centre of your digital existence and your connection to the outer world.